10 Maret, 2010

Email from Bandung...

Dear Mr. ****,

Nice to have your email today. Glad to know you are very happy during that time with us, or without us maybe ? Actually, wherever we are, life always change, your friend change, your mom changes, your boss changes, everything are not the same in every second. So please live with it. No one can standing still the same in everytime. Even this beautiful world also change every second its move.

Kang, life is beautiful and great are depend on ourself. In life, every ending is a new beginning. So everyday is a new beginning for our lifes. We allowed to flash back, see the past. Its for our lesson to facing the future, to facing the truth, now, this time, this second.

So, our life would be beautiful if we planning beautiful life when we open our eyes in the morning, in the first breath, in the bright sunshine.

I hope yout life will be starting beautiful again when you read this email. Because, your lovely friends, your lovely family, your lovely humans in this world, always tried and prayed for your happiness. Believe me !

Everyone had a right to be happy, specially you.

Have a GREAT life my bro !

pic was taken from random-good-stuff.com.
thank you.

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