05 Februari, 2012

Last seen Jan 26 at 22 : 48

Its the last time I chat with him, not so many words were typed, its just some 'take care' and 'big hug',

I decided not to come and accompany him to Airport, neither his home. I have my own reasons to do that. I saw his eyes when the last time we met, it said, 'sorry, it didn't work as we expected' and I do agree with that.

I thought it because of him, I thought won't make him suffered as since we met, but oh, it wasn't like that,

Still the same reason, you never want to see me crying, you always repeated the same words that I've ever told you
'it better we don't meet each other'
I never meant to said that !! How come those words were out of me ?

I never see you again since that day, either you didn't answer all my callings, even my 'say hi' on chat,

it could be the last words,
But, when someone say 'Goodbye' to you, it means he will leave, and he won't comeback again,
Even he's come home, it won't be the same again,

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